November 7, 2013

20 Holiday Appropriate Heels Under $40

They may not be comfortable, but dang are they cute! A pair of heels can make or break an entire outfit. If you’re going for a chic look, pair a basic black dress, jeans and a blouse, or shorts and a blazer with a bold pair of heels to make a statement. Too much going on in an outfit paired with wild shoes is a fashion no-no.

With the holidays quickly approaching, a majority of our money is going towards gift
shopping. Am I right? Ladies, that doesn’t mean our holiday ensembles have to suffer. There are plenty of inexpensive heels out there that are perfect for the season and even more perfect for our wallet. The added bonus is the trendy colors this winter season in footwear are extremely neutral. Translation, you can get more than that one use to the office party out of them! Score 1 for Team Fashion Minute!

1. My Delicious Chacha Matte Black Single Strap High Heel $22
2. Anne Michelle Momentum 39 Nude Suede and Mesh D’Orsay Heels $34
3. Street-Chic D’Orsay Pumps $29.80
4. Fancy Faux Suede Pumps $32.80
5. Timeless Faux Suede Platforms $32.80
6. Altruistic Darling Heel in Leopard $32.99
7. Take a Walk on the Wilde Side Heels $38.99
8. Walking on Air Heels $36.99
9. Kobra Mixed Material Pump $24.99
10. Icebreaker Captoe Pump $9.00
11. Hero Pump $36.99
12. Karbon Cut-out Zipper Pump $39.99
13. Icon Pointy Pump $24.99
14. Lauren Conrad Leopard High Heels $31.97
15. Jennifer Lopez High Heels $26.97
16. Rock & Republic High Heels $36.97
17. ELLE Studded High Heels $34.99
18. Michael Antonia Metallic Pump $29.94
19. Fergalicious Escape Platform Sandal $34.94
20. Anne Michelle Enzo 53 Gold Crisscrossing Ankle Strap Heels $34
Ladies, do me a favor. If you’re going to wear open toed heels, GET A PEDICURE!


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