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October 10, 2013

American Horror Story Costumes

American Horror Story just premiered its third season and they certainly did not disappoint. My obsession with this show goes beyond saying. So this post was inspired by some of the creepiest characters featured on the FX series. Halloween is right around the corner so I thought modeling some costumes after the show would be very fitting. Some of the characters have inspired their own retail costumes including Sister Jude, the white nun, and Moira.
Angel of Death
The angel of death was one of my favorite characters last season because of her grace and elegance. Every girl owns a little black dress and pumps (and if you don’t, you should!), so essentially the only things you might need to pull the look together are the wings and fishnets. Pull your hair into a french twist or sock bun, apply a light beige powder to your skin and dab on some bold red lipstick to complete the look.
Dress  Wings  Pumps  Tights  Lipstick

White Nun
Who can forget the signature white nun from last season? This character (well, she wasn’t a character, more like a statue) was the face of much of the promos surrounding the season and the freaky image at the end of the intro to each episode. Retail Halloween stores are carrying the all white gown and habit as a complete costume. With added accessories including elbow length gloves, knee high socks or tights (go raid your little sister’s draws for them), and white flats, you will look just as creepy as the real thing. To achieve the face, you’ll need white face paint which is available at Halloween stores and some Dollar Trees. Apply it to your entire face (any skin showing). To get the dripping black eyes, I suggest using a liquid eyeliner and a cheap concealer brush (E.L.F. has them for $1) to paint around the eyes and get the dripping effect.

Young Moira 
This vixen really got under my skin on the show, but man did I love her costume. It’s so sultry and seductive. This is another character that retailers are carrying this Halloween season. Again, all you’ll need to purchase is the costume itself and fishnets if you don’t have any, which are fairly cheap. As for the red hair, if you don’t want to shell out for the wig, I suggest curling some hair around your hair to loosely hang and pull the rest back into a messy bun. If you have short hair, go for it and curl your entire head in tight spiral curls. For the red color, pick up some of that colored hair spray they carry in drug stores (don’t worry it washes out). Apply some bright red lipstick, paint your nails black, and don’t forget your push up bra!
Who is your favorite character? Not featured? Leave me a comment and I’ll piece together a costume!


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