January 3, 2017

New Year, Same Trends: Top 4 Existing Fashion Trends for 2017

New Year, Existing Fashion Trends

New year, new trends, or so you think. The fashion world is forecasting some pretty big existing trends for 2017. What does that mean for you? You probably already have some of these trends from last year which means you’ve already got a foot in the style game.

2017 Stripes Trend

Stripes. A girl’s best friend or worst enemy. You don’t have to fear this timeless trend, you just need to know what stripes suite your body type.

My friends at put together this guide to help with determining what kind of stripes to wear for a flattering figure.

• Pear-shaped

If you are pear-shaped with wide hips and narrow shoulders, wear thick stripes on your upper half to make your shoulders appear broader and vertical stripes on the bottom half to make your hips look slimmer.

• Apple-shaped

Those with an apple-shaped figure have more weight in the midsection. They can go for stripes with a solid-coloured border at the sides to look slimmer. Diagonal stripes are also flattering and take the focus away from the midsection.

• Boyish figure with fewer curves

Those with a slender or boyish figure should go for thick horizontal stripes in areas where they want to have curves. Thick stripes around the waist and bust help create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

• Petite frame

Petite women should go for vertical stripes as they give the wearer an illusion of height. Women who are slender and small-boned can also play around with horizontal and vertical stripes.

• Hourglass figure

Those with an hourglass figure have a slender waist and their curves allow them to experiment with different types of stripes. Women who wish to downplay their curves should opt for vertical stripes.

Here are a few of my top picks for striped apparel.

Dress 1 // Dress 2 // Dress 3


Top 1 // Top 2 // Top 3

Pant 1 // Pant 2 // Pant 3


2017 Sneaker Trend

Kick in the near year with, well…some new kicks. 2017 is all about comfort and while a chunky pair of heels can be quite comfy, there’s nothing like a cute and cushioned sneaker to add an edge to your look.

I’m a big fan of Adidas. I remember these sneakers being huge when I was in like 5th grade and had every color stripe. When my mom saw me wearing them a few weeks ago, she asked me if I was feeling nostalgic. (haha!) No mom, my 5th grade sneakers are just back in style!

Here are a few of my top sneaker picks.

Sneaker 1 // Sneaker 2 // Sneaker 3 // Sneaker 4 // Sneaker 5 // Sneaker 6


2017 Pink Color Trend

Black just got some competition in 2017.

Big time designers like Gucci and Valentino (aka designers I’ll never be able to afford) showcased hues of pink in their spring 2017 collections which has quickly stuck with major retailers.

Speaking of pink, I got this kit for Christmas which is supposed to be the best kit to suite all skin tones from celebrity makeup artist Alexis Vogel. (Keep an eye out for a review post.)

Best Pink Makeup Kit for All Skin Tones by Celebrity Makeup Artist – Alexis Vogel 

Here are a few of my top pink picks.

Dress 1// Dress 2 // Dress 3

Top 1 // Top 2 // Top 3

Bottoms 1 // Bottoms 2 // Bottoms 3

2017 Statement Earrings Trend

As fashion savvy women, we tend to focus on our clothes and shoes to make a statement. Get ready for all the focus to be on your earrings in 2017.

Statement earrings and baubles have been trendy for quite some time, but designers are placing a heavier emphasis on the extravagant ear jewelry this year.

One of my favorite sites for statement jewelry is Baublebar. Some pieces can be a bit pricey, but there are always sales and deals on the latest trends.

Here are a few of my top statement earring picks.

2017 Statement Earrings

Earrings 1 // Earrings 2 // Earrings 3 // Earrings 4 // Earrings 5 // Earrings 6


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