February 15, 2016

Favorite Fashion Bloggers


This post is dedicated to my #FFBs for Valentine’s Day! What the heck is an #FFB, Kelly?! Favorite Fashion Bloggers!

As a fashion blogger, I love to follow other bloggers for inspiration. Everyone has their own sense of style which I like to feed off for ideas and use my creativity to compile some great posts for my fabulous followers.

When I started blogging almost 6 years ago (time flies!) I wanted to share with my love of fashion and styling with others, but couldn’t compete with other blogs featuring high end clothing and accessories. After all, I was just a broke college kid with bills up the wazoo. Who had money to spend on designer duds?! Certainly not me. But one thing I always prided myself on was creating neat and well put together looks from retail brands that could pass for couture. So hey, that’s when it dawned on me that I could separate myself by focusing on my expertise. And it’s been history ever since! One thing I’ve learned about blogging is that the more genuine you are with your content and what you’re passionate about, the more impact you’ll have on readers.

I have followed these bloggers below for quite some time and admire their style, creativity and enthusiasm about fashion. So…. Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies and thank you for your inspiration!

Kimberly (2)

Tara is a fellow Jersey Girl and fashionista behind The Mix. Her stylish take on work wear is proof that you can look chic and trendy even in the office.




Dana Prigge is a tri-state blogger and editor of La Palme Magazine. Her website, Daily Fashionista, is a mix of fashion, style, lifestyle and travel posts providing insight into her envious career as a respected source for media and major fashion brands.



Lauren Price is the mastermind behind Fashionably Lo. Her take on fashion trends mixed with her lifestyle posts are refreshing and enlightening.



Kimberly (3)

Michelle Isabelle is the blogger behind her self-named website. Her focus is very similar to mine by offering trends to women without breaking her bank. I love the photography on her blog of her inspiring outfits.


Courtney Kerr

Courtney Kerr…where do I begin?! I absolutely love her style and quirky sense of humor. Her outfits and collaborations with brands have played a big part in my journey as a blogger. Her blog, Kerrently has a crisp and clean look featuring posts about trends, fashion, travel and entertainment.



Becky Hillyard’s blog, Cella Jane has some awesome fashion finds and outfit inspiration. I love how she incorporates fashion with her lifestyle posts and absolutely adorable baby.




The Sensible Stylista, Kimberly Kong is a such a doll. Her blog always has the best fashion deals and trends along with beautiful photography of her stylish outfits.


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