December 13, 2016

Girly Holiday Gift Guide: 150+ ideas under $35 for any fashionista

Holiday Shopping Tip #1: Picking a theme for your gift can make shopping a lot easier. #thestylishsaver

Shopping for the perfect holiday gift can be stressful in itself. But when you’re shopping for a fellow fashionista, the pressure is really on. If you’re anything like me (aka a pain in the butt to shop for) then when you have your eye on something, you just get it yourself leaving practically nothing you want unbought (i think i just made up a word) for your friends and family to get you.

Alas, I’ve come up with a solution to your holiday headaches, The Stylish Saver’s Girly Gift Guide featuring over 150 fashion, beauty, shoes, jewelry and accessories for the fashionista on your list for under $35. Nothing but trendy fashion gifts at ridiculously affordable prices.

Some of the biggest frustrations I’ve come across when shopping for a fellow fashionista and how to take a hair-pulling out of gift giving.

  • Wonder if they already have it?Holiday Shopping Tip #2: Creating a gift basket of smaller items is a great way to stretch your budget without seeming cheap. #thestylishsaver
    • Go with your gut. If you think they already have something, go for a different variation. For example, if it’s clothing, go for a different color of that style. If you’re really hesitant, you can’t go wrong with a gift card and you’ll learn later in my post how to inexpensively make a gift card an exciting gift to open.
  • Not sure what size they are?If this is your best friend we’re talking about, I would totally just sneak a peak at their clothing tag or raid their closet if you have that kind of relationship (but that’s in a perfect world). If shopping online, size guides can be a really helpful tool. I like to compare my size to the person I’m shopping for. I determine what size I would be and use my Holiday Shopping Tip #3: When giving a gift card, set aside $5 to use at the dollar store for small trinkets to pair with the theme of the card for a little extra surprise. #thestylishsaverjudgement to size up or down depending on their body type.
  • Unsure if they will like it?
    • Sounds corny, but I always like to up the creativity factor of my gift with a cute little poem or little trinket to go with the theme of the gift. Adds more thought to the gift and you know the saying, “it’s the thought that counts.” And if all else fails, get a gift receipt so they can exchange it if they want to.
  • Budget concerns?
    • Determine what amount you are comfortable Holiday Shopping Tip #4: Always remember, it's the thought that counts! #thestylishsaverspending on the person. Don’t be embarrassed about what you can afford. You can create some pretty amazing gifts for just a few dollars (yes, you can do some pretty awesome things with stuff from the dollar store.) ShopStyle is a great site where you can set filters for the category you’re looking for like accessories, jewelry, shoes, etc. along with the price range you are looking for.(Disclaimer: I’m an affiliate for this site and highly recommend it to other bloggers and also to shoppers looking to really narrow down their online shopping searches.)


The Stylish Saver's Girly Holiday Gift Guide

Disclaimer: I may receive a small commission on some items in this gift guide. Note that all items featured are at my own discretion and because I am a huge fan of the trends. Anything and everything feature are items I would wear/use myself and gift to fellow fashionistas!

35 Fashion Gifts under $35

35 Accessory Holiday Gifts under $35

35 Shoes to Gift under $35

35 Beauty Holiday Gifts under $35

35 Jewelry Holiday Gifts under $35


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