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May 21, 2015

Kelly’s Guide to Jersey Shore Beach Waves

 Warm weather in New Jersey means tons of humidity. While this is better than snow, my hair doesn’t seem to agree. I am a huge fan of beach waves, but with my crazy schedule, there’s not much time for beach trips to the Jersey Shore to get the natural waves. Thank God for my Conair Spiral Curling Iron! Since my hair is so thick, it does take a good 40-45 minutes to finish my whole head, but my waves last for 2-3 days (depending on if I get bored and decide to straighten my hair).

I highly recommend having a spiral curling iron in your box of hair tools. I use the 3/4″ spiral curling iron from Conair. For beach waves, I simply wrap my hair around the barrel. For pipe curls, I use the clamp and roll my up the barrel. I have really thick hair and it takes a lot of work for curls to hold. The added spiral of this curling iron really seals in my curls and waves. I just add some hairspray and I’m good for 2-3 days.
What’s my beach wave routine? I start out by straightening my hair to take out any puffiness and smooth down the flyaways. I don’t make it pin straight, just enough to straighten about an inch down from my roots and flatten the hair. It makes it easier to work with when curling.
I like to section my hair in half down the middle. Working one side at a time, I then section each half in half. There’s no right or wrong way to wrap your hair around the barrel. Sometimes I’ll grab a bigger portion of hair and wrap it for larger waves and smaller portions for tighter waves. Start wrapping your hair over the top of the barrel for waves that fall close to your face. For waves that flair out from your face, start wrapping hair under the barrel. I like my waves to flair out around my face frame and fall straighter in the back, so I use both techniques.

I always do my hair before going to bed because I find it sort of flattens out if I sleep on it, eliminating any frizz. In the morning, for added volume, I’ll take random small portions of hair and re-wrap them around the barrel of my spiral curling iron for tighter curls. Another spritz of hairspray (I like Garnier Fructis Style Anti-Humidity Hairspray) and my hair is set!


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