February 1, 2017

Long Vests: How to Style, Where to Shop & Why You Need One

I consider the vest to be one bad ass piece of fashion which I remember it wearing last year at Sabino Recovery for my therapy. I mean, it’s so cool that it literally doesn’t even need sleeves to make a statement. And I’m not talking about those biker vests that you see guys on motorcycles wearing that look like they will run you over in 4 seconds if you cross them the wrong way. Vests have come a long way throughout the decades, especially the 60’s when they really took off with flower power and hippie love reigning free.  Now in 2017, the popular 60’s trend, long vests, just got a modern makeover.

I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about trying the long vest trend myself. This is one of those looks where I love it on everyone else, but didn’t think it was a wise inVESTment for me. (hah, you see what I did there?!)

So one day in Kohl’s, one of my favorite retailers ever, I saw the ELLE long vest in my photo below and thought, “hey, let me give this a try.” Needless to say, I was absolutely sold on this trend at that point.

Vest: Kohl’s  //  Blouse: ShoeDazzle  //  Pants: Old Navy // Pumps: Candies

Vest: Kiki La Rue  // Dress: Old Navy  //  Boots: Payless

The more I played with different ways to style my long vest, the more I came to realize that this is a must-have for every woman because IT JUST WORKS.

  1. Hides belly bulge and back rolls while distracting from your midsection
    A long vest was my best friend when it came to covering up my love handles and pesky back roll (you know, the one you get under your bra hook). I feel long and lean and the attention is draw away from my midsection which is a real confidence booster.
  2. Versatile for all occasions
    A long vest can be styled multiple ways to create many different looks suitable for any occasion. Thicker wool vests are suitable for more formal occasions or work functions. Lightweight trench vests are great for more casual looks.
  3. Easy to Layer
    Layering a vest is super easy. It all depends on the outfit you layer under the vest. Make it simple; if you’re looking to go casual, keep your outfit casual like a simple dress or jeans and a blouse. If you’re looking for something dressier, go for a pencil skirt or trousers and blouse.
  4. Works for All Body Shapes & Sizes
    There are so many styles and sizes available in this trend that it works for all women. The key is to look for a vest that hits right at the calf area. If your’re shorter this length will help to elongate your frame and for all sizes, it creates a long and lean illusion.
  5. Can Be Worn Year-Round
    The long vest trend is one that is suitable for all seasons. Different fabrics are interchangeable depending on the weather. Cotton and trench vests are appropriate for warmer months while wool and tweed blends are better suited for winter.

Vest & Bodycon Dress Combo

Vest & Bodycon Dress Combo by

Vest & Skirt Combo

Vest & Skirt Combo by kellyrmoran 

Vest & Jeans Combo

Vest & Jeans Combo by kellyrmoran 

Vest & Turtleneck Combo

Vest & Turtleneck Combo by kellyrmoran 

Don’t take my word for it, here are some fashion lovers and their take on the long vest trend which is blowing up Pinterest.

And you know I can’t leave my girls hanging without where to find the most affordable and stylish long vests to try this trend out for themselves! I know you all have busy lives, so I took the hard work out of it for you.

Women’s ELLE™ Long Sweater Vest
Kohl’s $36 (same vest I’m wearing in this post)

Grace Elements Faux-Suede Belted Trench Vest
Macy’s $49.99

Long Vest
White House Black Market $29.98

Love Scarlett Long Knit Vest Last Call by Neiman Marcus $22


Imagenation Solid Long Vest
Shopboutiques $23

Inance Long Vest Draped
Shoptiques $48.95


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