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April 14, 2015

Natural Beauty with D’Ori Beaute

It seems like every time I open a magazine, turn on my television, or check social media there’s a new hair care product coming out. They all seem to be the same to me at this point. Everything claims to be natural and super healthy for your hair, but is it?

Well when I was asked to review the line of hair products from D’Ori Beaute I was intrigued. The Vital Botanique shampoo and conditioner were described as having a lush formula to nourish and sooth hair and scalp with eleven pure botanical extracts to soothe the skin of the scalp, eliminate excess build-up and give integrity to hair. An alcohol, paraben, sulfate and sodium chloride-free product all in one bottle…I had to give it a try. Also, I don’t have bleached or color-treated hair, but these products are safe for such hair.

Now I usually use Garnier Fructis shampoo and condition on my hair which keeps it looking healthy and smelling fabulous. But for the week, I switched to the Vital Botanique shampoo and conditioner.

I wash my hair every 2 days because A) I’m too lazy to style is every day B) it’s not very healthy to wash it every day and C) my hair can look decent for 2 days before it gets greasy. As per the directions, I lathered and rinsed with the shampoo. (I love how shampoo and conditioners come with directions by the way. As if we don’t know how to use it! lol) I followed up by using the conditioner. My personal preference is to apply conditioner and then I brush my hair in the shower to coat each strand with the conditioner and detangle any knots I may have before rinsing.

Once thing I noticed when using this conditioner is that it naturally detangled my hair. Instead of using the brush, I was able to comb my hands through my hair with ease.

All-in-all, I washed my hair with the D’Ori Beaute products Sunday night, Tuesday night, Thursday night, and Saturday night. So what did I think of the result?

I AM IN LOVE! My hair looks and feels so healthy. The shine I now have has actually scored me a few compliments. And my scalp feels so fresh and clean. It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe unless you feel it for yourself. My hair is much easier to comb now (and I have ALOT of thick hair).

I also find that it’s taking me less time to straighten. I don’t know if that’s a result of the shampoo and conditioner or if it’s just in my head, but regardless, I love it.

I love the bounce and shine my hair has after using the
Vital Botanique shampoo and condition for a week!

A little about D’Ori Beaute: Nature provides the very best hair treatment ingredients. This has been known for centuries, and D’Ori Beaute honors and enhances traditional natural treatments. Modern chemical ingredients can only deliver short term results, bring unwanted side-effects and damage your hair and skin after long-term use. Natural ingredients, on the other hand, are quickly absorbed by the body, start working immediately and remain effective even after continuous use.

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