June 20, 2015

Summer’s Hot Swim Trend

We’re literally a day away from the official start of summer and if you haven’t updated your swim collection yet, you’re out of luck. I mean, you know how department stores roll. They’re already stocking the racks with fall clothes…crazy! Luckily, online retailers still have tons of swimsuits to choose from on their sites.
Summer’s hottest swim trend is the flounce top. The proper definition of flounce is  an ornamental gathered ruffle sewn to a garment by its top edge. In fashionista terms, it’s the extra ruffled piece of fabric that hangs over your boobs. I love how this style is available in all types of swimsuits from bikini tops to one pieces. A definite plus is the extra coverage you get from flounce tops to conceal the girls when swimming!
Top is from the Candie’s Collection at Kohl’s

Loving this trend? Shop some of my favorite picks below (the top I’m wearing is the first one below)!

Neon Ruby Flounce Sporty Bikini Top


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